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Heat vs. Bulls Game 2 Preview

First let me say that I want nothing more than the Heat to lose this series. Ever since the news of Lebron going to Miami I have despised this team. 

Now, the reason you are here. The way for the Bulls to win this series is by taking Lebron out of this series completely. I realize I'm asking for nothing short of Mission Impossible, but if it can be done the Bulls could win this series 4-0.

Now for the offensive apsect, if Nate Robinson can get himself going like he has been then that's about enough right there. But in the case that he is shut down, then the Bulls need a new offensive option. In which I suggest Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah. Jimmy can jump out of the gym and could get tons of points in transition but if that's no good, then Joakim Noah in the post is a very valuable option.

Now you know my keys to the game. GO BULLS!