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NBA finals

First off I hope I'm wrong about this. But the Heat will win this series. There is no doubt in my mind. Day 1 of this season the Heat were winning the finals. Whether it's talent or the NBa commissioner you decide.

Heat Pacers Game 7

First off, the Heat will win this series. The NBA honestly can't afford them not to. The NBA is a business and the Heat bring in the most viewers because people either love them or despise them. So they are a must watch, which for th the NBA makes them a must win.

Best player in the NBA at each position

PG. Tony Parker

Tony Parker is the best point guard because he is not only a great player but a player that makes his team so much better. Him and Tim Duncan on a pick an roll is close to impossible to stop.

SG. Kobe Bryant

Kobe is one of the best players of ALL TIME he is the reason the Lakers even made the playoffs this year. Plus he can score at will!

SF. Kevin Durant

Not much you can say about this one. He is an animal and almost impossible to stop.

PF. Lebron James

Lebron is probably the best player of this century. He can score at will, amazingly athletic, and a good defender.

C. Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert is a man among boys. So powerful in the paint it's ridiculous. He is a little raw but in 2 or 3 years he is an MVP candidate guaranteed.